Warranty Outline:

We give a lifetime warranty right after the maintenance of your mobile phone is done.

Our lifetime warranty only covers the parts that you repair or get replaced from us at Device Pro.

As you know, that we provide (pick up and delivery) services to our customers. So, after the repair is done our delivery man will bring the device to your location, and if by any chance he breaks it and hands it over to you. We will be responsible for the re-maintenance.

Device Pro gives a warranty receipt to its customers after the maintenance/repair is done. 

Note! It is mandatory for the customer to keep the receipt safe otherwise if any kind of damage is done it will not be treated from Device Pro.

Warranty that will be given for screen repairs will only cover the touch screen’s functionality if it has lines on the screen or broken (LCD) after the repair. This can only happen due to physical damage and it will not be covered or treated by our warranty. Your warranty will be canceled with no exceptions if this kind of case happens.

Device Pro Warranty Validation Circumstances:

The warranty will not be applied if the customer has dropped the phone or damaged it by itself right after the repair.

The warranty will not cover any kind of physical or water damage that has been done right after the repair.

The warranty will not apply if the device has been repaired by someone else except Device Pro after repairing by us. 

Also after the repair any kind of physical or water damage that has happened due to any uncertain reason will also not be covered within the warranty.

Warranties Apply When Purchasing a Phone: 

  • Lifetime warranty IMEI (Blacklist Protection Guarantee)  
  • 6 months battery warranty
  • 1 month software warranty
  • 1-year hardware warranty

Physical Damage Warranty Policies:

The warranty will be canceled if any kind of physical damage is done due to any uncertain reason from the customer. For instance.

  • Liquid Damage
  • Broken LCD
  • Broken glass

Will not be treated or covered within the warranty.

Return Policies:

The return policy or the lifetime warranty applies when the phone or the device that you’ve just got repaired from Device Pro, stops functioning without any physical damage being done by your side then only we will repair it without taking any extra charges from our customer.