We believe one hundred percent in the right to privacy of each and every one of our customers. And we have absolute respect for this right. This is why we adhere completely to the laws governing fair use of information.

Collection of All Information and Data

Any and all information that we collect about you is only done after you have willingly filled all online agreement forms. After that, we collect information for research and development purposes when you engage with other members of our online community. Also, when you purchase any products/services from us, we keep track of customer info for the purpose of continuous process improvement.

All this information is kept track of and gathered with the help of cookies. A usual set of customer info is likely to collect things such as names, addresses (relevant only when you place an order for a product/service and complete a purchase), cell phone numbers, IP addresses, and geographical locations (only if you decide to put this information up on your online profile with us).

Some other types of information collected include the following.

  • All info and data automatically sent over by the browser being used by an online visitor/potential customer.
  • Any and all information that you provide with your complete consent.

The information that is provided by you of your own volition is kept on a fully secure company server and it stays there for infinity without any danger of being stolen. You can, however, ask us to remove it or put it somewhere more secure and we will make sure to do that.

With regard to credit and debit card information, Device PRO knows how sensitive and vulnerable it can be. This is why we store all such info in a secure data bank that is protected with state-of-the-art encryption.

Quality of All Data and Information

We are always on hand to take care of your information and make changes in our records if there is any change in the info that you have provided us. All you have to do is get in touch with the Device PRO customer support team or login to the website and initiate a request for “change of customer information.” Our representative will get in touch with you to take care of all the needed modifications.

Data Usage

Every time you acquire a product or request a service from Device PRO, you have to provide credit or debit card details in order to make a payment. Once we have your billing address, name, and other relevant credit/debit card information, we forward it to our secure and reliable payment authorizer who validates all info and charges your card.

In addition, when an order is ready to be shipped for delivery, only the name, address, and email ID are used. These are the only pieces of the info provided to the shipping agents responsible for delivering your order.

Moreover, we also make use of the information which you voluntarily share with us for different research and development purposes. Big data and AI research is a very big part of this. The aim behind doing so is to stay on top of the latest trends in the local and global marketplaces. Secure cloud services are also used to store all customer/client info while cookies are utilized to track the behavior and actions of everyone who visits our website.

Access to Data/Information for Third Parties

Device PRO has a firm and absolute commitment to never sell or trade any kind of sensitive and confidential customer information to any third parties. However, these “third parties” do not include our website hosting partners and any other entities that help us in running the website, operating the business, and serving you.

Rest assured that all these partners comply with the same privacy policy that we so strictly adhere to. Furthermore, Device PRO reserves the right to release any and all information if so required by any law enforcement agency or for the purpose of enforcing our website policies in a proper manner.

This will also be the case where others’ rights and safety is concerned. Lastly, any and all types of customer/client information that is non-personally identifiable might be handed over to third parties for the purpose of marketing, research, advertising, analytics, and other similar uses. This will be ultimately dependent on the nature of the info under consideration.

Other business partners with whom we may share your information include the following. All of them are sworn to secrecy and strictly adhere to the same privacy policies and procedures that we follow religiously.

  • Cloud service providers whose help is needed by Device PRO for the purpose of storing information and maintaining email correspondence with you.
  • Facebook, Google, and other such entities in order to have a better insight on the way people make use of our website and how we can increase visibility and ultimately attract more traffic.
  • Authorized providers of payment service who validate and initiate customer payment requests on the behalf of Device PRO Company.
  • Software service providers and shipping companies/agents whose help we enlist for the purpose of dispatching all orders.
  • Lawyers and counselors on the panel of Device PRO represent us in case there is a legal claim of any sort from any associated party.
  • Government agencies and all related public authorities who request any sort of information for the purpose of national security, regulation enhancement, or law enforcement upgrades.

Data Participation

You have the right to control and restrict our access to all the personally-identifying info that you share with us at any point in time. Device PRO enables all its customers to log in to their account on the website at any time for the purpose of removing, modifying, updating, or transferring any sort of information shared with the company.

In case you are unable to do all of this on your own, you can always get in touch with the Device PRO customer support team. We will have one of our representatives take you through the whole process or perform the whole task themselves exactly the way you want them to.

Important Terms That Need to Be Understood

When a customer purchases a product or requests a service from Device PRO Company, they provide their consent to the privacy policy being enforced. For information other than that pertaining to the acquisition of products or services on the customer’s behalf, separate consent is sought depending on the nature of information under consideration.

As controllers of data, Device PRO follows a thorough code of conduct and ethics that governs the use of all types of data. We also make it a point to always inform the customers about the nature, scope, and purpose of data processing with regard to our website.

Following are some of the major terms that all customers should be able to understand fully.

  • Personal Data

This term refers to all such information that relates to an identified individual or one who can be identified on the basis of this info. A person who is identifiable is someone whose identity can be confirmed, whether directly or indirectly, by referring to an identifier. 

This identifier could be the person’s name, identification number, location info, or something similar. Other factors that play a role in this regard include the genetic, physiological, economic, mental, physical, social, or cultural identity of a person.

  • Processing

This refers to any and all functions that are carried out on anyone’s personal data or groups of personal data belonging to more than one person. This might be done with the help of automated means or otherwise. The process typically includes collecting, organizing, retrieving, recording, storing, structuring, altering, modifying, consulting, or disclosing data by means of transmission, dissemination, aligning, restricting, combining, erasing, destroying, or any other such method.

  • Controller

The term “controller” can be used to refer to any fully grown natural person, government agency, public authority, or any other such entity that has the mandate to determine the purpose and method of personal data processing.

  • Recipient

A “recipient” refers to a natural person, public authority, government agency, or any other similar body to whom a client or customer’s personal data can be provided. It may be a third party or not. With regard to public authorities, they will process all data in accordance with rules and regulations enacted to ensure data protection and privacy of the individuals concerned.

Personal Data Restrictions

Unless it has been stipulated in any declarations regarding data safety and protection, all types of personal data of the clients/customers will be wiped out if it is no longer needed for the purpose(s) for which it was gathered in the first place. It will also be erased if it is not needed and there aren’t any sort of legal obligations that demand that the data/info be kept on record.

Furthermore, all data will be erased if a customer/client makes a request for it. We will only keep such types of data in our system if there are some legal obligations of any sort which have to be honored. Otherwise, once some data becomes redundant or surplus to requirements, we will let it go.


We make use of cookies to monitor user activity on the website and gather customer data that will be used later on for research and development purposes. For those who do not know much about this, cookies are small files of text that are automatically created by the browser when you visit a website. The principle of their working remains the same whether you are using a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other type of portable device.

In general, cookies gather and store info regarding the specific device that is being used by a particular visitor. However, it does not immediately give us any info about your identity or whereabouts or any such thing. The primary purpose of using cookies is to make the website more effective, engaging, secure, and user-friendly above.

Types of Cookies in Use

  • Session Cookies

These are used to gather data about your activity and actions on individual pages of the website. Moreover, they provide other important functionalities for gathering valuable data as well. The session cookies serve these purposes for the length of time a user spends on the website. They get deleted the moment a user/visitor leaves the site.

  • Temporary Cookies

These types of cookies are used for the purposes of data collection as well. Temporary cookies are somewhat different from session cookies. They are stored on the device of a user for some period of time. The purpose of using temporary cookies is to enhance the user-friendliness of the website while also gathering important statistical data for use later on.

When a user visits the website the next time, these temporary cookies will be able to recognize them as someone who has previously gone through the website. They will know what actions you took before and what entries you made. With that information already with the cookies, the user won’t have to make all those entries of information again. They can click through to their desired pages/sections in no time.

The majority of browsers, whichever device is being used, tend to accept cookies automatically. However, if you do not want them to be used while you are going through our website, then you can alter the browser settings so that no cookies are saved on your device. Also, when you decline the use of cookies, a new message will appear every time a new cookie has been created or is about to be created.

The privacy policy of Device PRO is subject to change and amendments as and when needed. We carry out regular reviews of these regulations and make changes as per the needs and requirements of our business. Every time an amendment is made to our privacy policy, the change will be notified on the website homepage.