How it Starts: Our repairing process starts when a customer books an appointment from our website or call us. 

With that being done our customer support representative transfers all the info about the customer to our pick-up guy through which he reaches the customer’s location and picks up the device that needs repair.

Repairing Process: Our technician then starts the diagnosis through which he detects the cause of malfunction. 

This process takes at least 10 to 15 minutes. After the diagnosis, the technician then performs to repair the device that he has been given.

After the repair is done, our technician will inform our customer representative to let the customer know that his device is ready. 

After that our delivery guy will deliver the repaired device to its rightful owner and will receive the repairing charges that were informed at the time of booking the repair appointment.

On Purchasing: The quiet same procedure goes with Purchasing a mobile or any accessories from Device Pro.